Offering 1

Accelerated Product Delivery

Crafting digital products to driving digital transformation, we align with your team to achieve desired outcome by:

  1. Rapid Team Formation and Focused Execution

    We assemble specialised teams quickly, ensuring the right mix of expertise and leadership. By focusing on your business’s specific challenges, culture and ways of working, we select a team from our world-class associate network using several innovative techniques. We believe that aligning with your business culturally and technically is equally important. This ensures the team is committed and focused allowing us to deliver tangible results in a short time.

  2. Sustainable Legacy and Flexible Architecture

    We prioritise creating well-understood, extensible, and supportable solutions. One of our core principles is to write concise and loosely coupled code. This not only benefits our own team in the short-term, as we can deliver more with less, but also continues to benefit you long after we’ve left; creating applications that are easy to test, maintain and handover.

  3. Collaborative Partnership

    We build strong relationships to foster a collaborative environment. We work closely with your team, actively listening to your needs and goals, and ensuring open communication throughout the project — we achieve this by having regular service reviews, show and tell, and shared spaces such as Miro and Slack channels between teams. By aligning our objectives, we create a partnership that enables us to deliver successful outcomes together.

By following this approach, we excel in delivering projects by leveraging specialised teams, focusing on key objectives, leaving sustainable solutions, and fostering effective collaboration.

Offering 2

The Collective

Technology Stars

Over the past decade, we have built a cohort of the best Technologists, using real data, feedback and references, we have assembled our Collective of Associates, which allows us to provide our clients with short-term capacity boosts or subject-matter-experts for projects.

We understand the value that a readily-available bench of experts can provide to our clients, so it made sense for us to give them access to these individuals via our ‘Collective’ model.

As a client, you will have the ability to ‘turn on or off’ talent. Alongside the Talent, we provide access to an Engagement Manager who will ensure individuals are delivering and having the intended impact.

Interested in joining the Collective?

If you are interested in joining our Collective, then we’d love to hear from you! Work on exciting projects, solving real-world problems for organisation in the public and private sector. The process is simple, after screening & references, we will give you the tools to succeed with OB Collective and let you get on with what you do best. The skills we look for are Software Engineers (across all languages), Architects, Product, Agile, DevOps & Data and those with existing SC & DV clearances.

Working for Us

Offering 3

Agile Advisory


Pracrical Agile Logo

OB Collective has a long-standing relationship with The Practical Agile Company London which we partner with to deliver effective Agile solutions.

As a partnership, we aim to provide practical help and collaborative problem-solving that enables organisations and individuals to achieve their potential and build high performance.

The Practical Agile Company London is a small, deeply specialised Agile Consultancy that is absolutely focused on providing the Agile expertise and problem-solving skills to resolve the real-world challenges you are facing.

As well as bespoke Agile transformation and support we also provide several out-of-the-box services, which provide short, sharp, cost-efficient ways to support and develop your teams and business.

Our offerings include:

  • Agile Teams Fundamental & Setup, to get new teams started
  • Agile & Product Team Assessment, to understand team challenges and opportunities
  • Agile Coaching on Demand, to provide high-quality Coaching when you need it (minimum 90-minute slots)
  • Agile Mentoring, to support Coaches develop on their journey