Creating synergy between our clients and the specilaists we employ has been key to achieving goals for both ourselves and our clients. Taking a strong lead from our parent recruitment company, Oliver Bernard — one of the most socially active members of the tech community — our meetups and other initiaitves play a crucial role in our contnued success.

Collective Connect

Collective Connect is a vibrant and exclusive, invite only, senior tech meetup that brings together seasoned technologists to share knowledge and collaborate.

Our meetups serve as a platform for fostering meaningful conversations, spark innovation and nurture lifelong learning among experience individuals in an ever-evolving tech industry.

Through a diverse range of events, workshops, and discussions, Collective Connect aims to empower its members with the latest insights, industry trends, and best-practices.

// Future Codehers

We know that diverse teams are high performance teams, and the lack of gender diversity in tech today is a monumental challenge for the industry. That’s why we proudly partner with Future CodeHers.

Girl at Computer
Future CodeHers Logo

There is a colossal lack of gender diversity within the technology industry. Future CodeHers was founded by our parent company, Oliver Bernard, in an effort to begin bridging this gap. This initiatve has been specifically designed to inspire and assist young women and girls to seek a career within the tech industry. For more information on this, please head to our dedicated Future CodeHers page.

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