Owned by award-winning IT recruitment firm, Oliver Bernard, OB Collective was born out of our client's need for a partner who was able to align with their organisations and become a true delivery partner.

// Vision Statement

A digital delivery partner, supporting public and private sector organisations to achieve their goals and positively impact users. We want to be known for our commitment to collaboration and empathy, and our ability to deliver solutions that drive projects forward.

// Mission Statement

We build dependable, innovative software solutions that empower organisations to achieve their goals.

With a focus on agility and empathy, we aim to stay on the cutting edge of technology and build products with the needs of the end user in mind.

// Core Values

Adhering to our five core values is what enables our teams to deliver beyond expectation, time and time again.

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We love turning your visions into reality. If you’re interested in learning more about us and how we can facilitate your growth, please get in touch — we’d love to hear from you.

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