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How It Works

You can engage with OB Collective in a number of different ways...

  • 01.

    Statement of Work


    Our industry experts will work closely with you to scope out a piece of work, we then put together a team and deliver it.

  • 02.

    Flexible Workforce


    Use the OB Collective to add additional expertise, rapidly scale output or deliver project work. We can provide these solutions on-site, remotely, near-shore or as a blended mix to reduce cost.

  • 03.

    IR35 Compliance


    With our wealth of knowledge on the topic, we can assess the way you engage with PSCs, build a comprehensive report on each contractor, as well as your business, and summarise with recommendations.

Statement of Work

A customisable solution

POCs, discoveries, design and build of new products and features, Cloud transformation, process transformation, outsourcing or nearshore engineering – we can build a tailored SOW for whatever you need.

  • We work with some of the best technology and product experts in the market who can scope out and advise a solution.
  • We take full ownership for the project and its delivery, so you can focus on other areas of your business.
  • The size of our community allows us to scale engineering teams and start delivering rapidly.
  • The same professionals will drive the work from start to finish and deliver quality output.

Flexible Workforce

Safety in numbers

This lightweight solution gives our clients access to one of the most well-known and comprehensive networks of high quality technology interims in the UK and Europe.

It allows you to add expert individuals or scale teams rapidly without the complexity of traditional consultancy agreements. You also benefit from unlimited support and direction from our experienced compliance professionals to ensure confidence in the way you engage interim talent.

  • 1,550+ interim placements
  • 300+ currently on engagements
  • 6,400+ active contractors in our community
  • Wider network of 22,000+ passive contractors
  • Total network of 70,000+ technology, product and transformation professionals
  • Over 50 client facing consultants and 10 operations staff

IR35 Compliance

Experience is crucial

As a heavily contract focussed business placing thousands of contractors over the last 10 years, our team have gained extensive knowledge of IR35.

Over the years we’ve built a support network of expert accounting and legal professionals, tax advisors, HR, people & procurement specialists, as well as invaluable real-world experience working closely with contractors and clients from all industries, of all sizes, with all variations of contract/perm workforces.

IR35 Compliance Dummy Result Graphic

Behind The Scenes

Onboarding, background checks and invoicing, our collective take care of everything.

  • Our friendly operations team will ensure all parties are kept informed throughout with start dates, details, signed contracts and generally ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • Our dedicated and experienced compliance team will make sure all necessary background checks, references and clearances are in place before work begins.
  • Our in-house finance and accounting team will work directly with yours to make sure everything runs effortlessly when it comes to POs, invoicing and payments.

Going Beyond

Unparalleled feedback,
care and support

Our simple to use online feedback platform gives clients a live insight into how external consultants perceive their tech culture and working environment. Likewise it allows us to identify any issues with specific consultants so we can remedy quickly and maintain an effective and efficient workforce.